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Our main profile is the manufacturing of drying equipment (conventional and vacuum), designing and constructing of dust and shaving suction systems, surface treatment, hazardous vapour and gas suction systems. Our scope of activities – with its headquarters in Zalaegerszeg – covers the whole territory of the country and the surrounding countries. We possess the expertise and expert licenses, wherewith our services include making plans and calculations regarding to the actual problem and acquisition of the necessary permits appropriate to the official regulations like occupational health, National Public Health and Medical Officer’s Service,  fire and environmental emission examination.

Our engineering office works mainly for the wood industry, but we have already planned and installed suction systems in other areas of industry:

  • extraction of stone dust
  • graphite and copper powder
  • soldering fumes and vapors
  • extraction of dangerous fumes and gases

Our design and construction activities:

  • Vacuum and convection drying chambers
  • Heat treatment and steaming equipment
  • Dust and shaving suction systems
  • Energetics equipment
  • Furnace
  • Briquet production equipment, technological lines
  • Pellet production equipment, technological lines
  • Surface treatment
  • Ventilation systems
  • Expert activity

Trade fairs and other professional awards:

  • Award 2008 – Domestic Wood Industry Innovation category Ligno Novum Woodtech Trade Fair– Budapest
  • Award 2008 – InnoLignum Forestry and Wood Trade Fair – Sopron
  • Certificate 2007 – Ligno Novum Woodtech Trade Fair – Sopron
  • Certificate 2007 – Pannon Fa- és Bútoripari Klaszter – Sopron
  • Certificate 2005 – Ligno Novum Woodtech Trade Fair – Sopron
  • Certificate 2002 – Founding member – Pannon Fa- és Bútoripari Klaszter
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  • Faipari kézikönyv: Chapter V – Gőz – gáz elszívó és betápláló berendezések, Sopron 2002.
  • Magyar Asztalos professional magazine: Professional Articles, 2000-2005.
  • ProfiFa: Professional Articles, 2000-2005.
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