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Industrial dust and shaving suction systems

Based on our engineering and practical experience of many decades, thanks to our IT background, we are capable of completing – from planning to full implementation – any task concerning dust and shaving suction.

Our suction and separating systems adapt to the type of material need to extract, the conditions of the location, the requirements of environment, occupational health protection.

Used solutions:

  • Suctioned – Pressed systems
  • Fully suctioned system (vacuum system)

During planning we always consider and apply the newest techniques and technologies – for example: frequency controlled, flexible performance extraction systems 

In the case of need we can build automatic spark detection and extinguishing equipments in our systems.

The dust unit

The dust units with filtering sleeves, either normal or vacuum systems are tested by domestic certification institute and they have Fire Safety Compliance certificate.

By designing an optimal suction system, significant electricity savings can be achieved with improving extraction efficiency.

Also with returning the filtered air a notable amount of heating energy can be saved. The capacity of our suction systems are varieties from 5,000 to 150,000 m³ / h. 

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