Environmentally friendly and economical energy solutions

In order to meet the growing demand for renewable energy sources, our company started to design and implement complete wood briquetting technologies. The use of wood pellets and wood briquettes is becoming more widespread in firing technology, where sawdust, wood chips or wood shavings are pressed into molds, which thus burns more easily than sawdust, however it has a much more homogeneous particle size than wood therefore it can be used better than firewood in automated home firing systems. The briquetting lines are designed taking into account the available raw materials as well as the customer’s needs and technical possibilities. 

Briquet production equipment

The wood briquette is a modern, environmentally friendly fire material. The wood briquet is a eco-friendly energy source which is ideal to replace the coal, coke and coal briquettes. It does not contain any binder (glue) and therefore has the same chemical composition as natural wood. It has a high calorific value, the same as lignite. It can have any shape, depending on the briquette press tool, it can be round, rectangular or octagonal.

Pellet production equipment, furnaces

The pellet is a high pressure extruded fibrous material held together by lignin which is  a natural component of the material. The pellet is made up of few millimeters diameter material bars depending on the raw material and the pelletizing technology used. 6 mm diameter and 2 to 5 cm length are the most common size for wood pellets.

Pellet heating is more environmentally friendly than wood heating because it uses renewable, recycled raw material. The pellet has a moisture content of 7-10%. Freshly cut wood has a moisture content of 50-60%, air dry firewood has approx. 12-20%. Therefore, the efficiency of pellets is better than firewood. Because combustion is controlled the pollutant emission is lower. The pellets pressed from sawdust, which have a more homogeneous particle size than wood, so pellet-fired boilers/furnaces can be better automated than wood-fired pellets. An average of 1 m³ of wood pellets per month is used by a 3.5 kW boiler. The roughage resulting from the combustion does not exceed 1 kg. Thanks to the automated operation, it can provide the right temperature for days without supervision.

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