Convection (conventional) dryingControl and measuring instruments

Vacuum drying

Our company, since 2003, is the only manufacturer of vacuum drying equipment in Hungary. The high-tech Re’Vac kiln dryer system is our own development.

During the vacuum process, the drying is consistent, gentle, and very quick throughout the whole cross-section of the material.

In addition to the wood industry, it can be used in countless areas of other industry and agriculture. For example: drying of herbs, agricultural crops, metal and other parts and materials.

It is advisable to use vacuum kilns in these areas because of the speed and gentleness of drying. In the case of herbs due to the lower drying temperature in the vacuum, higher amounts of essential oils and other derivatives (eg vitamins) remain in the material.

Advantages of vacuum drying over conventional (convection) drying:

  • 3-4 times shorter drying time
  • 60% less energy consumption
  • better drying quality
  • minor discoloration
  • environmentally friendly technology

The fully automatic control of the drying process – based on proven and secure programs –  is done by DELPHI ReVac microprocessor control system.

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