High temperature heat treatment process

The usage of wood in a given area determined by its basic chemical and physical properties.Developed by our company the ReVac ThermoTEC heat treating equipment is capable of fundamentally altering these characteristic properties of wood, enabling it to be used in new areas.

New developments of our company include equipment suitable for high temperature (180°C to 210°C) heat treatment.

During the heat treatment process, the basic properties of a given wood material, such as color, workability, pest resistance, strength, surface treatability can be changed.

After treatment at high temperatures (180°C to 210°C), wood will be more suitable for the following application areas:

  • outdoor terrace flooring
  • revetment around the pools
  • vertical revetment for fronts
  • when separating interior coverings, decorative and covering profiles
  • bathroom furniture
  • noise barriers
  • lightweight construction technologies
  • general outdoor applications


  • highly weather resistant
  • working with it does not require special tools or machines
  • lower density
  • very favorable heat treatment factor
  • environmentally friendly, chemical-free technology, only thermal energy is used in the treatment
  • decreased water absorption
  • lower moisture content (5-7% after packaging)
  • very low tendency to crack, warp, size alteration compared to normal wood
  • resistant to fungi and insect pests due to burnout of sugars
  • improved acoustic properties (floor tones, body tone inhibition)

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