High-temperature heat treatment equipment

Wood has well-defined, very well-known different properties. These chemical and physical properties determine or significantly influence its utilization.

Humanity is capable to affect and modify these properties for thousands of years. Different universities and other research centers, even today, run different tests and experiments for this purpose for a shorter or longer time. However, the results of the tests and analyses remain out of reach and do not come reach the industry, they are not utilized in production.

Our new developments include machines suitable for high-temperature heat treatment. (180-210 °C)

By the use of heat treatment one or more properties of the wood can be modify positively. These properties include color, machining, wood protection, strength, surface treatability, etc. The necessary modifications are developed based on the needs of downstream wood industry.

Uses of wood subject to high temperature (180-210 °C) heat treatment:
  • decking production
  • manufacture of wood coatings around pools
  • manufacture of vertical facade coverings
  • separation of interior coverings, decorative and covering profiles
  • bathroom furniture production
  • production of noise barriers
  • lightweight construction sites
  • for outdoor use

  • weather-resistant
  • traditional wood machining tools are necessary for its shaping
  • favorable density
  • a very positive factor for heat-treatment
  • in its environment -friendly production bio energy is used for heat treatment (less chemical treatment)
  • reduced water absorption
  • low moisture content (5-7 % after packaging)
  • compared to normal wood it has a very small crack, casting tendency; size change decreases
  • fungal and insect resistant (because wood sugars are burned)
  • improved acoustic properties (step noise, solid noise reduction by flooring)